Instructions for Authors

Authors may submit papers to any of the Associate Editors; submissions should be made in the form of pdf files, attached to e-mail. E-mail to a given Editor may be initiated by clicking on the appropriate name in the list on the right. It is preferred that articles be written in English; however, French and German articles, with English abstracts, are also acceptable.

As accepted papers will need to be typeset using our custom LaTeX format, authors should generate the original pdf from a LaTeX file using the 10-point article style, or the 10-point amsart style. There should be no other custom formatting instructions in the LaTeX file.

Submitted and accepted papers may contain color graphics, and embedded sound and video. For files over 10MB in size, authors should contact the Editor for an ftp upload location, rather than attaching the pdf to e-mail. The file size should be, at most, 1GB.

Authors should be prompt in editing papers which are accepted, but which require modifications. Once an accepted paper has final approval for publication, the last step, prior to publication, is for the LaTeX files, and any auxiliary files, to be sent directly to the Editor-in-Chief.